Our Quality


Solutions for Investors

Our Value Add for Investors

We leverage our research and relationships within the alternative investment community to help our investor base source some of the most talented, undiscovered managers out there to achieve their investment objectives.

AZR Capital provide access to select fund managers that meet these criteria:

  • Superior and consistent returns
  • Niche and innovative investment strategies
  • Flexibility to fulfil a range of investment objectives

Solutions for Fund Managers

Paramount for fund managers is finding a trusted marketing and fund-raising partner who can:
  • Leverage their experience throughout the fragmented, competitive and difficult-to-penetrate European and Middle Eastern fund-raising market.
  • Utilise their technical know-how to market their strategy and create unique messaging.
  • Not only find investors, but service their needs once they have committed capital.

When we select an investment partner we are in it for the long-term. Our approach to marketing on their behalf is holistic and founded upon product-specialist knowledge and in-depth understanding of the diverse Europe and Middle Eastern investor landscape.

These insights result in creative approaches to marketing and fund raising.

Our pioneering work to develop the understanding of volatility as an asset class is an example of a strategic marketing initiative we created with one of our investment partners.

Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Our Value Add for Entrepreneurs

We understand that great entrepreneurial businesses sometimes go under the radar, or do not receive the right level of funding to take them to the next stage in their growth.
Through our focused network of investors, AZR Capital are able to source investors with appetite for both primary and secondary opportunities right from seed capital to more advanced stages. Our network spans strategic and institutional investors through to single and multi-family offices.
Our unique position allows us to source exciting entrepreneurial companies, invest our own capital in them and connect those companies to investors with sticky capital.

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