AZR Capital is a new class of Investment Partner

Founded in 2013 as a differentiated family office and creative-thinking capital-raising firm, AZR Capital has a team which carries decades of experience in marketing, fund raising and delivery of investment solutions throughout Europe and the Middle East. Our differentiators are:

  • Committing our own capital in our investment partners
  • Deep product knowledge across alternative investments
  • Intimate understanding of investor and manager needs
  • An extensive network of solid relationships spanning the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Following meticulous due diligence, we select alternative investment partners with compelling investment cases and competitive moats.

As Investors we take a barbell approach to our portfolio, seeking income and convexity with a focus on capital preservation. We allocate both through funds and directly on both the primary and secondary markets. We also co-invest or club invest with a range of investors and are keen to support new and upcoming managers and entrepreneurs.

As fund-raising specialists, we work hand-in-hand to refine your go to market strategy and map the investor landscape. This iterative process, built on trust and mutual understanding, helps our investment partners rethink and reshape their marketing strategies and connect to the most relevant and active investor.

The results – Bringing new, alternative investment solutions to our network of investors through our tailored and targeted marketing strategies.

 “You need to have a holistic understanding of both sides of the equation to find and deliver meaningful solutions– Maya Rodriguez, AZR Capital Managing Partner

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